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gameboy sp

13 March 2013 - New 3d model added to lowpoly section

24 February 2013 - New ios and Android game in the works

23 December 2012 - New 3d model added to lowpoly section

18 September 2012 - Super Penguins

Sorry guys another Super Penguins plug :)
the game is now also available on Android via the google play store and amazon
links below :)

also added a link to my twitter account on the top right corner
if you want to listen to my daily ramblings :)

06 August 2012 - Super Penguins

Super Penguins is now available on the apple app store
its free! so go grab it and spread the word :)

01 July 2012 - Super Penguins

Super Penguins, our first game for iphone and ipad will be out soon.
Please like our Facebook page to get all the latest news

11 April 2012 - supersolid

Please check out our blog or Like us on Facebook to keep up to date
with all the latest news about our upcoming IOS game.

29 February 2012 - supersolid

Big news! i've started a new games company
with a few of my friends

20 November 2011 - work in progress 2

16 November 2011 - work in progress

31 October 2011 - Lowpoly Robot

20 August 2011 - Sims Social

Our latest game is now on facebook! :D

1 June 2011 - New Lowpoly model

20 March 2011 - Gunboy - Dust Mountain

3 January 2011 - New Lowpoly model

27 December 2010 - Gunboy Video

Gunboy from Tennis on Vimeo.

7 November 2010 - New Lowpoly model

27 July 2010- Pirates Ahoy

Our latest game : Pirates Ahoy!

15 September 2009 - Unnamed platformer 4

Unnamed Platformer 4 from Tennis on Vimeo.

12 July 2009 - Unnamed platformer 3

Unnamed Platformer 3 from Tennis on Vimeo.

05 May 2009 - Unnamed platformer 2 - still testing

Unnamed Platformer 2 from Tennis on Vimeo.

20 April 2009
Restaurant City (beta)
Our new game is finally out, check it out on Facebook.

19 March 2009 - Unnamed platformer - test level, no sound

Tennis on Vimeo.

10 August 2008
Pet Society (beta)
Playfish UK's third game is now out on facebook.
create your very own pet, care and play with it, dress it, furnish your house and interact with your friends.

Isocity also updated.

13 July 2008
New Zealand Story Mobile
Quick mockup of New Zealand Story for cellphones.
Would love to see this franchise revived, but only as a sequel and not a straight remake. The level design of the original were quite bad :/ ...still, i loved the game as a kid.

22 June 2008
playing around in multimedia fusion

15 June 2008
up to 4 entries now, yay :D
pixel ave have also been updated.

14 May 2008
updated my isocity house, will probably add animation later.

28 April 2008
Word Challenge
Our second Facebook game is out :D
i have the 7'th best vocabulary in the world right now, but i doubt its going to be long, before im thrown out of the top 100 list ;)

< click on the image to go to the app page :)

26 April 2008
Isocity Expansion
I've added an illustration/vector/3d section to isocity, so now you can also submit a non-pixelart house.

In other news, Who has the biggest brain has hit 2 million installs on facebook, very cool :)

We're currently working on another project that should be ready very soon, so stay tuned :)

06 April 2008
Blue Falcon from Fzero.

21 March 2008
DS 3dviewer
Playing around with a DS 3d Viewer :3

oh and "Who has the biggest brain" hit 1 million installs on facebook :D

02 February 2008
Who has the biggest brain
+100.000 Installs on FACEBOOK :D

02 February 2008
New Content
"3D - Lowpoly" and "pixelart - mockups"
pages updated.

03 January 2008
Who has the biggest brain
Our first game at playfish. A Brain game designed for facebook. Try it out by adding the application to your profile.

03 January 2008
Super Contra (or super probotector as we called it here in Europe) is one of my favorite SNES games of all time and i was lucky enough, to get to do some work on the new DS game.
Developed by wayforward, they did a really good job,
go check it out, its hard as hell, but super fun :D

03 January 2008
Been wanting to redesign my website for quite a while now and over the christmas holiday, i finally got it done, hope you all like it :)

btw, if you happen to read Japanese, please let me know, if any of the spelling is wrong :)

Bomberman Mobile Mockup
Adobe Photoshop cs3

Bubble Bobble Mobile Mockup
Adobe Photoshop cs3